BaoActive Baobab Powder


Baobab is high in bio-available vitamins C and B6 which boost your immune system. It also has very high levels of dietary fibre providing an essential prebiotic effect for maintaining a healthy gut. Potassium is an important mineral for endurance and regulating blood pressure. Baobab powder contains six times more potassium than a banana. The powder comes from the fruit of the baobab tree. It is naturally dried in the pod before harvesting and is minimally processed, retaining all its nutritional goodness.

It’s 100% raw, natural and organic, minimally processed so retaining all its nutrients, plant-based with no added sugar and is naturally gluten-free. With its impressive nutritional profile of bio-available nutrients, baobab powder is suitable for vegans, and has been certified Halal and Kosher.

Baobab comes as a fine powder with a lemony taste. The easiest way to use it is to add it to your smoothie or recovery drink. You can also make a potent power shot. This way you get the best nutritional boost out of your baobab. Baobab powder can be used in both sweet and savoury recipes; anything from cheesecake to bao-mayo.

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